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Highly Effective Digital Marketing Strategy, Best Email Marketing Company. Join india’s leading bulk emailing service provider. Providing Remain Solutions Email Marketing service since 2015.

Best Email Marketing Company. Join india’s leading bulk emailing service provider. Providing Remain Solutions mailing services since 2015. Send bulk email campaigns without any technical skills in Our Email Marketing Software.

Feature in this email marketing panel :- 

  1. Email message professionalization.
  2. Built-in Email Templates 
  3. Easy WYSIWYG Editing
  4. Email messages templates.
  5. Easy HTML message editing.
  6. Newsletter Signup Forms
  7. Supports embedded images.
  8. Easy Automatic Unsubscribe
  9. Auto Respondents
  10. Google Analytics Integration 
  11. Automatic Bounce Handling
  12. Import Contacts in Bulk
  13. Real-time Reports
  14. Social Networks 
  15. Schedule Email

This panel is an Email Marketing Solution enables you to Create Professional Designed Newsletters with Few Clicks, Manage your lists to deliver the Email Campaigns you Want with Analysis and Tracking, no Rocket Science. IT’s Simple… Create Professional Newsletters, Campaigns, and Announcements in minutes. Upload, Edit and Manage your Email lists, Integrate Subscription forms with your Website. Send your Email Campaigns anytime from anywhere. Schedule Your Campaigns. Ensure Email Delivery to Inbox. Track and Analyse your Campaigns through Reports like Delivered, Bounced, Viewed, Clicked, Unsubscribed, Shared.

Leading Bulk Email Marketing Service Provider from India