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Our Founder Sujit Tomar

Sujit Tomar 

The founder of the Remain Solutions, Sujit Tomar was born to a poor Farmer in the Bihari Town of Deo in Aurangabad District. He started his career by working as a Accountant, a College attendant in Gaya (Bihar), and then a year and Business started in Deo, before setting up his first Computer Center in Aurangabad in 2014. then after that Sujit Tomar one more business started in Deo, Aurangabad (Bihar) in 2015 his second Business IT Company whose name was Remain Solution under Remain Pvt. Ltd. after 2018 Named Changed Remain Solutions 4 Branch Running in Indian City :- Delhi, Patna, Bangalore, Mumbai.

Name : – Sujit Kumar Singh 

Other Name : – Sujit Tomar

D.O.B Date :- 05/04/1998

Birth Place :- Deo, Bihar

Work :- Business

Known for :- Remain Solutions